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Tell your contacts and friends about our Grocery Store Savings membership site and make money on each and every sale!

This site is a fixed term membership site. That means each person that joins remains a member until the end of the membership term, which for this site is four months (unless the buyer cancels before the end of the term). That means for each person that joins our site using your affiliate link, you are paid a commission each month the member remains and does not cancel.
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So, it is much more to your advantage to promote a ClickBank product that has recurring commissions, such as this one, than products that pay you once and done.

50% commission on the initial fee AND 50% commission (minus ClickBank fees) on monthly rebills!

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"Save Money on Food and Groceries Every Week! Find out how here! "

To use the above text on your site, place the following html code in the body of your web site and substitute your ClickBank ID where it says 'YOURCLICKBANKID". Then test your link. If you insert your info correctly, the bottom of the order page will show your affiliate id next to the word 'affiliate'. We are not responsible for checking the accuracy of your web site link. ClickBank has very good tutorials on this step.
Save Money on Food and Groceries Every Week! Find out how <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>!

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