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Grocery Store Savings FAQ.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Does it matter why I want to save?

A:   Our saving ideas and strategies are good for those who have lost their jobs, want to lose weight, or just because you want to save more money. It doesn't matter why you want to save money, we feel we can help.

Q:    I do a pretty good job at saving money why should I join?

A:   You don't have to belong for the entire membership length of time. You can always try us out for a month and cancel if you like. We do believe we offer ideas that you might not know about. Just try us out.

Q. Is Grocery Store Savings for beginners to saving on food and groceries?

Not at all! Certainly we share ideas that you may already know about; but we also cover advanced techniques and resources for saving money. For example, we have found a free site online that provides you with coupons you don't have to clip from your Sunday paper. Any resource we find we feel will help you we'll share. And you don't have to spend your time searching for these sites yourself.

Q: Why Should I Join?

A: First, I know my time always seems short and maybe you find you have too little time as well. Our lessons keep you from having to 'search the web" to find answers to how to save money on food.

Maybe you don't know how to research online or just don't want to. We deliver our lessons every week. After you join all you have to do is check your email and the week's lesson our ideas to save is there for you.

We have special reports created just for you and that are original to us. You will not be able to get these reports anywhere else. For example, we give our members a special bonus every month.

Q. Is your site only for people with children at home?

A. We do share snack ideas for kids. But our lessons are written for every age group and family situation.

Q:    Do I have to eat beans and rice to save money on food?

A:   We share strategies and ideas on saving that allow you to continue to eat the foods you like.


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